Global African Foods is the major provider of African and Caribbean food in the US. To continue growing and serving more and more local farmers, GAF has plan. Over the next weeks, we will be raising 1 Million Dollars that will be used to purchase even more from our suppliers and adapt our logistics to the increased volume of inventory, as well as to build a facility in Africa, that will guarantee our commitment with farmers while reducing some of our costs.

To do this, we need your help. We want you to be part of our company and we want to give you the opportunity to get great returns on your investments while helping farmers in Africa and building a more inclusive environment in the US for African Immigrants.

Now it is up to you. Our demand in the US is skyrocketing and we need capital to satisfy it. Our team is ready, our facilities are ready and our clients are ready. We now need your funding, the keystone of our project to execute it. However we want to go beyond that, we want your advice and guidance, we want to make you part of the process. This is why, we want shareholder and not lenders. We acquire the compromise to make our financial statements public, and to to be as transparent as we can be.

Be part of our vision, and invest with a purpose.

Become a Shareholder

Click the link below to subscribe to our deal in Crowdfunder. By requesting access, you will receive the Business Plan, the Private Placement Memorandum and an Executive Summary of the company. We will get in touch with you to get started in the investment process.

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Why Invest with GAF

High Growth

Since our incorporation in 2011, GAF has achieve growth rates from 80 to 100% in sales. This is due to a great deal of effort in expanding to numerous supermarkets. This strategy has been proven to work, the demand is now skyrocketing and we need funding to be able to satisfy this demand.

First to Market

Global African Foods is the first company to market African and Caribbean foods in the US supermarkets. We lack direct competitors, which bring us an opportunity to expand very rapidly and maintain our positioning as the biggest provider of this product.

Experienced Team

Our CEO James Sanigular, has years of experience in the field of Direct Investments and in African Foods. Other Team members are directly from Liberia and have a great knowledge of the products and the market. In addition our team has broad relationships with suppliers and supermarkets.